"Antti is a natural and sincere person. He meets other people openly and his disposition conveys acceptance. I am impressed by Antti’s ability to see the invisible and by his ability to give feedback so that it is easy to accept."

Ilona Rauhala
Psychologist, Coach, Couples- and Sexual Therapist


Topic: Sexuality and marginalized clients

"We can warmly recommend Antti Ervasti to assignments regarding lectures and workshops within the field of sexual health. He holds a formal as well as a pedagocical competence within this field, which makes him highly suitable to educate authorities, organisations and others who work within the field of social- and health care services."

Suzann Larsdotter
Officer HIV and Health
Project Manager
RFSL, Stockholm

Topic: Online outreach work and professional competencies

"I worked with Antti Ervasti for several years now in the ‘eHealth expert group’ of the Correlation Network. The Correlation network is an international network with various partners all over Europe. Antti has shown to be an expert in the field of Internet outreach and has proven to be an experienced trainer. He has also proven to be capable in organizing a training regarding exchange of his own work expertise. At all times I have found him to be reliable, serious about his tasks, able to finish his task in a co-operative but also independent way, to be critical about his tasks and was always able to keep his promises. He showed to be a good team worker, has good communication- and language skills, and last but not least, Antti has proven to be a very nice person to work with."

Pjer Vriens
Intervention Developer, eHealth expert group coordinator
Department of Infectious Diseases, Rotterdam Public Health Service
The Netherlands

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